Make Reliable Industrial Instrument with Plastic Pressure Transmitter

A plastic pressure transmitter is used for monitoring continuous pressure within a tank as a tank level sensor or in-line for monitoring chemical dosing pumps or water flow in a plant. Truflo is a leading manufacturer of plastic flow meters, and plastic pressure transmitter that work perfectly within industrial environments for monitoring chemicals or water pressures within a manufacturing facility.

The OBS-LE series plastic pressure transmitter is the perfect solution for companies that are looking to monitor chemical pressures to ensure that their process is running how it should and they are able to keep an eye on the chemical pressure by using it. It is offered with PVC, PP, and PVDF process connections in both male NPT and female NPT.


The OBS-LE series plastic pressure transmitter with the male NPT has been a great selection for OEM customers that purchase it to monitor pressure continuously on their chemical dosing skids. It is great for sodium hypochlorite dosing skids and OEM equipment because it is low cost and highly accurate. It features an LED display that will provide the customer with the current pressure just by glancing at it.

A lot of chemical distributors are using the OBS-LE series plastic pressure transmitter to monitor the level in their chemical day tanks or chemical bulk storage tanks. They simply mount it on the outlet of the chemical day tank or chemical bulk storage tank and it will monitor the head pressure and convert it to the tanks level measurements.

The OBS-LE series plastic pressure transmitter comes standard with a PTFE Teflon diaphragm seal which will prevent any of the corrosive chemical liquid from coming into contact with the internals of it. It is perfect for controlling pumps by using the relay outputs that are built directly into it. The relays built into it are programmable so that the client can use the OBS-LE series plastic pressure transmitter to turn on a pump at a low level or turn off a pump at a high level and this will allow them to maintain a specific level within the chemical storage tank.