Liquid Level Switch Prevents Chemical Spilling


One of the largest disasters that can occur while filling a tank is an overflow. Corrosive liquids spilling over the top of a tank can cause severe damage to the surrounding equipment. Not to mention the lost product and clean up to the site. With a continuous level system, it may not register quick enough to show you are full and the tank may be too dark to see inside and note how high the level may be. All of these are easily avoided with the Levelpro PLS Series Liquid Level Switch. It is designed for a quick and easy installation; PVS Benson Chemicals now installs one on each of their tanks to signal to those filling the tank when to stop. Since the installation of the Levelpro Liquid Level Switch, there has been no overflow spillage on any of their tanks.

Levelpro offers a large line of Liquid level switches in thermoplastics so they can be used on all corrosive and non-corrosive applications. The compact vertical or horizontal design of the PLS series plastic Liquid level switch, make it an easy to install product, in several different locations even those that is low on space.





The liquid level switch is available in PVC, Polypropylene and PVDF material and can be specialized for any size of tank and it can also have multiple switch points. Although PVC Benson Chemicals only used the PLS series level switch for a high level indication. It can be equipped with up to 4 switch points allowing customers to use it for both high and low level switches triggering a pump to turn on at a low level and turn off at a high. Or signal out to an alarm like the Levelpro ProAlert 1000 Audible and Visual Alarm.

With the multiples options of the PLS liquid level switch, no application is an issue. Whether it can be used as a safety precaution or simply to increase productivity in the application, it is recommended to all users. It is Equipped with either a DIN electrical connection or NEMA 4X junction box, Wiring the unit takes little to no time at all, decreasing any down time and making it easy for any untrained professional to have set up within their tank.

PVS Benson Chemicals is the first of many bulk chemical providers to make it mandatory on all tanks to ensure a high level indicator or alarm is in use. The low cost PLS plastic liquid level switch from Levelpro is the first step to cutting out any unnecessary spillage or damage in the future.

With all corrosive liquids such as sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, sodium hypochlorite and nitric acid, the thermoplastic liquid level switch will work with no fear of getting stuck or corroding. All units tested and set at the factory level so there is no need for any set up time in the field. This also insures that all set points are accurate for maximum fill on the tanks they have the Levelpro PLS series Plastic liquid Level Switch installed.