Get Rid Of Corrosion by Using Plastic Paddle Wheel Flow Meters

Corrosion has always been one of the biggest problems for chemical processing and manufacturing companies, to get rid of corrosion, chemical processing and manufacturing companies are now using trulfo all plastic paddle wheel flow meters in chemical dosing skids, waste-water monitoring systems, pump protection and triggering automated valves to allow operations to run smoothly without any unnecessary human monitoring or work. The plastic paddle wheel flow meter is also being used to measure pulsating flow pumping from a diaphragm pump.


The pulsating flow is unable to be measure by any other technology but now companies used the pulse output supplied from the Ultraflo 4000 Ultrasonic all Plastic flow meter as pump protection for the diaphragm pump, so when the flow reaches a certain flow rate, it shuts the pump down. Ensuring the pump does not run dry causing damage.

The Truflo TK Series all plastic paddle wheel flow meters were used to automatically fill a tank with chemicals when it became low. With the totalizing feature on it, when the set amount of flow was reached it was able to shut the valve off, ensuring that there is no overflow in the tank.



The Truflo Propulse mini plastic flow meter is used on many chemical feed skids. The small 3/8” connections and low flow abilities. Monitoring the dosing of chemicals is done with ease once again supplying a pulse output that they have used for pump protection. As well as connecting the plastic flow meter direct to the Levelpro TVF Series LED display, controller, totalizer and batch controller to keep batches accurate and relay outputs for pump protection and alarms keeping the application running flawlessly.


Finally, the Truflo PM series all plastic magnetic flow meter was used on a low flow application with small particulate. Since the plastic paddle wheel flow meters were unable to be used in this application due to the particulate. They moved to the magnetic style plastic flow meter to use its non-intrusive design to keep an accurate reading of what was running through the pipe.


These new instruments like plastic paddle wheel flow meters are the most reliable equipment even in most corrosive materials. Even it is proven by most of customers’ positive feedbacks that have The Truflo TK Series all plastic paddle wheel flow meters. Be intelligent and have one for your processes now.