Why do industrial processes need Plastic Level Sensors?

Most chemical holding tanks require a palstic liquid level senosr to continuously monitor the liquid level within the tank to ensure the industries have the required amount to run their process. Chemical level sensors can be offered in many different technologies, but the most accurate and reliable is a submersible plastic level sensor. A submersible liquid level senosr is dropped into a chemical holding tank and monitors the level by head pressure or weight of the chemical on a sensing diaphragm.


The submersible plastic level is being used by many industries and in many industrial processes because of variety of its uses. It will provide a 4-20mA output that can be ran to a TVU or TVL local display or a PLC that exists within the facility. Levelpro manufactures a complete line of thermoplastic level instrumentation and one of their core products is the 100-series submersible plastic level sensor. The 100-series submersible plastic level sensor is available in PVC, PP, PVDF and 316SS which enables the customer to select a material suitable for their application, and the 100-series submersible plastic level sensor provides a solution to even the most corrosive media.


The 100-series submersible plastic level sensor features a ceramic sensing diaphragm, and Levelpro has standardized on a KALREZ O-ring to eliminate the human error of selection between EPDM and VITON. The 100-series submersible plastic level sensor has an FEP Teflon coated cable that will not be attacked when installed in corrosive chemical holding tank applications.


When a local chemical distributor was searching for a plastic level sensor that would cater to their many different product offerings, they initially tried an ultrasonic plastic level sensor but immediately found that the vapor would throw off the readings and the drivers would not be able to accurately monitor the current tank level while filling customer’s tanks. The solution was the 100-series submersible Chemical Level Sensors which is not subject to the atmosphere above the liquid level, so foam, vapor, turbulence and condensation will not influence the plastic level sensor monitoring the level providing accurate readings all the time. The 100-series submersible plastic level sensor come complete with an installation fitting that threads directly into a 2” bulkhead fitting or threaded flange located on the top of the holding tank and adapts to standard installation fitting requirements.



The 100-series submersible plastic level sensor has proven successful even in the most demanding applications and the local chemical distribution company has never been more satisfied with a plastic level sensor than the 100-series submersible all plastic Chemical Level Sensor So, if you are a chemical distribution company and still unaware about this advance equipment. You really need to visit market and to get the best one for your company’s processes