User Friendly Liquid Level Senors Providing Flow Control With Protection & Security

Incorporating a liquid level sensor is no longer a choice when it comes to determining or controlling your liquid level within a tank or sump application, liquid level sensors are a must, especially when dealing with dangerous or corrosive media that could potentially cause harm to a person or the environment if miss-handled. There are a lot of out-dated liquid level sensors in the field today and it is important that the operators look at replacement their old technology with a new liquid level sensor that will work reliably.


Technology is always improving, therefore it is important to select a liquid level sensor with up to date technology. I have been in many facilities where they were still using a sight glass as a liquid level sensor, this is essentially a piece of pipe with a sticker on it that would allow the operator to identify where his liquid level was at by using this outdated liquid level sensor. I stated the importance of replacing this style liquid level sensor with a new liquid level sensor that would use up to date technology and communicate remotely via cellular networks so that even if no one was present, they could still use the liquid level sensor to ensure everything is business as usual.


Remote tank monitoring through cloud based websites is the newest technology in the liquid level sensor marketplace. The liquid level sensor would be mounted on the tank and would communicate via 4-20mA signal to a telemetry device that would be mounted toward the bottom of the tank. The telemetry liquid level sensor would have an internal SIM card so it could communicate with a cell tower and transmit the current tank reading. The liquid level sensor would ping the cell tower and upload the newly recorded information to a cloud based website where the customer could view what the liquid level sensor is telling him, even when he is


n’t presently close to the liquid level sensor.


 The liquid level sensors can upload readings three times per day which is fantastic for any chemical distributor or any company that makes pick-ups at customer locations. The customer can adjust and incorporate set points within the liquid level sensor program bar so that he gets an email or text message when the tank is in a high or low level condition. Deciding the implement telemetry based liquid level sensor, the customer will also have data logging capabilities that will save directly to their cloud based web interface and enable them to use the liquid level sensor to determine just how often the customer is using their products.


The data logging technology when used with a liquid level sensors is great for monitoring customer usages and preventing any competitors from coming in and filling a customer tank with the distributors knowledge. Liquid level sensor acts as a means to protect your investment and account, these liquid level sensors will also enable the customer to view a quick snap shot of all tanks at the same time to ensure everything is under control and regulated. Liquid level sensors are serving their best in various areas of industrial processes. Choose the best one as per your needs.